May 2008 – Spring Web MVC 2.5 and Beyond

Spring Web MVC 2.5 and Beyond

Spring MVC is a popular web framework, and the core platform for powering Spring-based web applications. Also building on the Spring MVC platform are a number of interesting extensions.

  • Spring MVC 2.5 introduces significant new features that simplify the core MVC programming model, including support for annotated @Controllers.
  • Spring Web Flow 2 adds significant new features for implementing conversational flows within a Spring MVC-based app.
  • Spring Faces, a new module, provides groundbreaking support for JavaServerFaces in a familiar Spring MVC environment.
  • And last but not last least, Spring Javascript, a new module, integrates leading UI toolkits such as Dojo and Ext into a Spring environment.

Come to this meeting to see the killer new features in Spring MVC 2.5, Spring Web Flow 2, Spring Faces, and Spring Javascript in action, all working together in an integrated reference application. This meeting will also provide a brief overview of what is in store for Spring MVC 3.0.
Keith Donald is a principal and founding partner at SpringSource, the company behind Spring. He is best known in the Spring community for creating Spring Web Flow. At SpringSource, Keith is the lead of the Web Application Development Products Team. His team, based in Melbourne, Florida, sustains the development of Spring MVC and Web Flow and their associated integrations, and is also responsible for future innovations in the domain of web application development frameworks.

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May 21st

  • Social – 6:30 PM
  • Meeting – 7:00 PM

Tell your friends in the office who are interested in Spring.

Our meetings are now at the offices of Improving Enterprises. Directions and information can be found on our meeting location pageThe building doors lock at 7:00 and we will not have anyone to shuttle people around. Please be there before 7:00.

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